After having had their games affected by the Kansas weather four nights in a row, the Heat returned to Hibbs-Hooten Field Wednesday evening for Military Appreciation night.  Cowley College sponsored the event that brought in members of the military to honor the memory of Sgt. WillSun Mock, who was killed in Iraq in 2006.  His family was on hand as artist Phil Taylor presented a portrait of the fallen hero as part of the American Fallen Soldiers Project.
Before the game started, the American Legion riders took to the field, along with the Kansas Color Guard.  It was Wellington City Council Member Jim Valentine who threw out the first pitch.  
Although the Heat took another loss, it was the precursor to an amazing blow out the next evening.  Playing a double-header on a hot summer’s evening in McPherson against the Pipeliners, the Heat quickly built an insurmountable lead and never let up.  By the time the dust cleared, the scoreboard showed an unbelievable win of 17-2.  This victory was Coach Twyman’s 900th win, and the Wellington community congratulates him on this achievement.  
Donny Vail started in the first inning, with Itchy Burts, Nolan Beets, and Mike Lowe getting runs on the board.  Later on, in the third inning, Vail was able to get three strike-outs, with a three-run home-run for Alex Koch.  
The Heat were truly back on track.  
Ulysses Ramos took to the mound for the second game, but it was a far different environment for this one.  The Pipeliners and Heat were tied 1-1 even at the top of the fourth inning, despite Ramos being on fire with five strike-outs.  By the bottom of the fourth, though, the tables were clearly turned as the Pipeliners scored three runs to take the lead 4-1.  
The Heat were not about to let the Pipeliners get away.  Thanks to such amazing plays, such as a a grand slam from Alex Koch in the bottom of the fifth, the Heat were able to pull ahead to an amazing 6-4 lead.  
It was a tough one, and very, very close for the Heat as they pulled out a squeaker of an 8-7 over the Pipeliners.
Friday evening brought the Heat back up against the Clearwater Indians.    It was a clear route for the Heat as they beat the Indians by a decisive 4-1 score.
Saturday evening was dealt another blow from impending severe weather as the game with the Pipeliners was cancelled.  Fans would have to wait until July 5th to catch this one when that evening will be a double-header.  
Sunday’s game with the Valley Center Mud Daubers was also cancelled due to the field being flooded from the previous evening’s storm.  Sunday July 1st’s game got moved to Monday evening at 7 p.m.
For Monday night’s game, Isaiah Lybarger got things started off for the Heat out on the pitching mound.  He was able to quickly work his way through the batters with two strike-outs.  
Headed into the second inning, Lybarger was still on fire, striking out another two, but the score still stood at 0-0.  But, the Heat suddenly went off like several firecrackers, 4 of them to be exact.  Thanks to a series of runs, the Heat now had a commanding lead of 4-0 at the end of the second inning.  
Going into the top of the fourth, the Heat were now leading 5-0, with Lybarger now with a total of six strike-outs to his total so far. By the end of the four inning, the Heat were now leading a whopping 7-0.  
Going into the fifth inning, Lybarger was finally relieved by Andrew Stole as the Mud Daubers got onto the scoreboard to make it 7-3.  By the bottom of the fifth, though, the Mud Daubers shocked everyone by tying it with the Heat at 7-7.
The sixth inning was uneventful on the scoreboard with neither the Heat or the Mud Daubers quite getting any past the other.  
Cody Treatch was brought in to pitch going into the seventh inning.  The score remained tied until the bottom of the inning when the Heat unexpectedly brought in three runs to regain the lead at 10-7.  
The final score was a close one of 10-8.  Tuesday evening, the Heat played at home against the Kansas Cannons.