Donut Bay Park is my favorite place in Wellington.  Sure, you have the other parks, the museums, and even an historical building or two, but Donut Bay Park still reigns supreme for me.
Before 1999, Wellington, for me,  was just a place on the way from Sedan to Conway Springs.  I did not know anyone there, it was just another point on the map from point A to point B.
When I finally did meet someone in Wellington in the fall of 1999, I did not get the luxury of knowing them for very long.  Still, that person did introduce me to Donut Bay Park and the Chisholm Trail Drive-In.  From the get-go, it was interest at first sight for the park.  Driving in on the road and seeing Slate Creek, I felt a sense of history and timelessness.  The history I felt was from seeing that train track and knowing that was the same way my ancestors traveled, headed out to Barber County in the late 19th century.  Even then, I would love walking along the banks of Slate Creek and just enjoying the place.  
More recently, I remember leaving the office with a bad headache and killing time before I had to go to some event up at the high school last spring.  I wanted to get away from a ringing phone and all of that noise.  I went down to the area near the railroad bridge over Slate Creek and just enjoyed the quiet and solitude.  It is a terrific view down there and one I can never get enough of.
My only problem this time of year is I have an irrational fear of snakes, and they are out and about this time of year.  I could go back out to spots like these, but it could be embarrassing when I would see a snake, and all of Wellington would wonder who is screaming.  I almost think the snakes sense my fear.  
Of course, there is also a terrific spot along Slate Creek just outside of Conway Springs that is the absolute best if I happen to be over there.  I love the views up there off to the east and have probably taken more pictures out at that location than any other.  It is truly worth the risks I take in encountering a snake.  
Still, I always come back to Donut Bay.  I’ve brought my wife and kids out to the spillway plenty of times.  We have seen Slate Creek flood at its very worst, and over the past year we have seen it dry up rather badly.  With recent rains, I might use that as an excuse to head back out there.  
After all, it’s just another excuse to go back to that park.  As for the snakes, I’ll take my chances.  It’s a nice place to step away from this crazy, violent world we live in, and just take a breather.