The Sumner County Board of County Commissioners has proposed changes to Sumner County’s Zoning regulations that would eliminate any check to their power in zoning approvals.  A public hearing will be held by the Planning Commission on July 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm at the Raymond Frye Complex.  These regulations will affect all unincorporated areas of Sumner County.
Currently, Sumner County has a Planning Commission, required by the state, which is charged with researching and hearing zoning change cases.  Presumably, this board helps to eliminate unnecessary or incomplete applications for zoning changes from consuming the County Commission’s time.  
The Planning Commission is made up of volunteers from all parts of the county.  These volunteers are appointed and approved by the County Commissioners to serve on this board.  The mission of the Planning Commission is to protect the whole county’s interest in land development.  The guide they use to judge their decisions is the Comprehensive Plan.  This is a collection of long-term goals for development of the county.  As with all volunteer boards, this job is thankless and typically the only feedback they receive is negative.
Under the current regulations the Planning Commission only makes recommendations to the County Commissioners on zoning cases, unless the zoning issue is not a normal use of land.  In these special non-conforming uses a Conditional Use Permit is required along with both approval of the Planning Commission and the Governing Body (i.e. County Commissioners). Zoning changes that are deemed an extra ordinary use of the land require a Conditional Use Permit, examples include but are not limited to salvage yards, wind farms, poultry and animal slaughter facilities, landfills, sewage disposal plants, etc. These proposed changes to the Zoning regulations render any and all of the hard work and recommendations by the Planning Commission useless.  The new wording of these regulations contain text such as “The Governing Body may approve a Conditional Use Permit, even if denial is recommended by the Planning Commission”.  
These proposed changes will affect everyone in the county in one way or another, so please come out to the meeting and voice your opinion and concerns.  
The Planning Commission will meet on July 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm at the Raymond Frye Complex.  Everyone is invited to attend and voice their opinion.