Social Media in Wellington was a buzz with rumors of a pending tax increase that was to be discussed at last night’s work session with the Wellington City Council.  Several members of the council were not feeling good any any decision to raise taxes.  Just last week, Council Member Kip Etter, who is running for a County Commissioner spot, said during last Thursday’s Republican Party Forum, “None of us like to pay them.  They are always too high.  I could never think of a reason to vote for a tax increase when I first ran.  Not long after I was elected, I had to make the difficult decision to raise property taxes, and I have always regretted that.  It hit me hard.  I have tried since then to figure out how to not raise property taxes again.”
When Council Member Kevin Dodds announced on social media last night that they had decided not to raise taxes, several people took to social media to announce their joy upon hearing it.  
A day after the decision not to raise taxes, Council Member Joseph Soria remarked that “I feel great .  Everyone was on the same page. It was a great win for Wellington tax payers.”
Soria was one of three new members of the council sworn in back in January.  Looking back, he said that, “My hopes are the college will be successful and enrollment will grow. The hospital will prove to be a success for the city and the citizens.  I hope for new business such as Industry. I hope for more downtown revitalization.  My regrets are things haven’t moved as quickly as I would like."
Another new member from January,  Jennie Heersche, responded that “I’ve learned a lot these past six months and I'm happy that I have the opportunity to help make my town thrive and grow for future generations. There is definitely a learning curve for a job like this and I encourage anyone that is interested in running to attend meetings and follow the agendas as they are released. So far, I do not have any regrets and I'm proud that we seem to work better together as the months go on.”

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