Steve Butler, who spent more than 10 years at Cowley College as the director of piano and music theory, has been hired to return to the school as a music instructor.

Butler previously served as a music instructor and head of Cowley College’s music theory department from 1999 to 2009. He also served as the lead piano instructor and was an accompanist for the Concert Choir and Cowley College Singers.
For the past several years, Butler has been writing and recording music. He also served as an accompanist and was the head of the music theory department at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS until May 2018.

“I feel like over the past nine years I have grown in my knowledge of the subjects I will be teaching, and I am looking forward to working to bring the music department at Cowley College to new and exciting places,” Butler said.

Along with his duties at Cowley, Butler will continue in his role as pastor of Hackney Community Church.

“The church is supportive of my musical endeavors,” Butler said. “Being in both the spiritual and education fields is very rewarding.”

Butler is eager to return to Cowley College and said the opportunity to work with new choral director Lindsay Allen, technical director of theatre John Rohr, and director of instrumental music Evan Ricker, played a big role in his decision.

“All three of them were students of mine when I was previously at Cowley or Southwestern,” Butler said. “I think we can be a pretty good team, and the talent in the music faculty will be pretty outstanding.”

Butler said people from all over the college have welcomed him back.

“It’s been quite heartwarming and overwhelming to receive the amount of support and love from the colleagues I had when I was previously a Tiger. I can’t wait to get started,” Butler said.