Wheat Festival may have been going on downtown this week in Wellington, but for the Heat, the action for them was right out on the ball field.  Going into Tuesday evening, the Heat were at 20-6, with the Kansas Cannons close behind at 20-5.  The Heat added another victory to their tally with their 9-5 victory over the Valley Center Mud Daubers.  
It was slow-going at first last Tuesday evening as neither side managed to score.  Knoche was on the mound for the Heat and was giving it all.  Finally, at the bottom of the second, Itchy Burts with an RBI double brought in Joe Rankin, putting two on the score board.  
The status quo was maintained until the top of the fifth when the Mud Daubers managed to put two of their own up on the board to tie the game 2-2.  
But, at the bottom of the fifth, Alex Lyon with an RBI double brought in Cade Carter and Cody Robinson, allowing the Heat take the lead again of 4-2.  Not to rest on their laurels, Joe Rankin nailed it with a three-run homer through left field.  That made two home runs for Joe in back to back games.  The Heat now led 7-2.  
More action came at the bottom of the seventh when Alex Koch delivered an RBI single to bring Mike Lowe in.  The Heat increased their lead of 8-2.  
Finally, at the bottom of the eighth inning, Cody Robinson delivered with an RBI double to bring in Cody Wolfe.  The final score, of course, was 9-5.  
Still on a roll, the Heat were matched up yet again last Wednesday evening with the Clearwater Outlaws, who are 8-16.  Even with Picnic in the Park going on nearby, there was a good crowd that had come out to see the Heat continue on their present string of victories.  It brought another victory for the Heat.  
Thursday evening things got a lot more serious as the second-place Cannons came back to play against the Heat.  It was a hot summer night with plenty at stake for both teams as they headed out from their respective dug-outs.  
The Outlaws worked their way very quickly through the top of the first, with no activity on the scoreboard.  When the Heat took their turn, it was the same story, but Lybarger managed to get his first strike-out of the game.
Things finally took a turn at the top of the second when Joe Rankin came in to score on a passed ball, allowing the Heat to take the lead at 1-0.  Lybarger was still on fire at the bottom of the second, getting back to back strike-outs, with the score still at 1-0.
The third inning scored Lybarger his fourth strike-out, but very little in the way of points for either team.  
By the time of the fourth inning, a bases loaded walk allowed Joe Rankin to score, making it 2-0.  Owen Breithaupt nailed an RBI single to bring in Luis Amaro, making it 3-0.  
Going into the fifth inning, it was clear the Heat, leading the Outlaws 5-0, were a force to be reckoned with.  Amaro scored again with a solo home run through left field to make it 6-0.  Headed into the bottom of the fifth, Lybarger scored his sixth strike-out of the evening.  
With the sixth inning it was Amaro again with an RBI double that brought in three runs to make the score 9-0.  
Things were about to take a turn.  Even though the Outlaws were finally able to put one on the board, lightning was spotted nearby, and the game was called at 9-1.
Last Saturday afternoon, the Heat ran headlong into the Kansas Cannon express.  It had been a long time since the Heat endured such a beating.  The Heat were just not able to compete with the Cannons, especially with the seven points they scored in the third inning alone.  
In the end, the Heat tried hard, but just could not seal the deal, with the final score coming in at 14-1.  
Sunday evening brought a double-header with the Clearwater Outlaws.  Hoping to regain their stride after losing so spectacularly against the Cannons, the Heat were back on top again, winning both games with ease.  
Monday evening brought the final home game of the regular season.  They needed just one more win to clinch the KCLB 2018 Championship and a ticket to the NBC World Series Championship Round. The Heat is at 33-8 overall and 26-6 in the KCLB.  
Monday night brought the Heat the win they and their fans were hoping for with their 11-2 win over the Park City Rangers.  The Heat are the 2018 KCLB champions.  
    The NBC World Series will be held July 27th-August 11th at Lawrence Dumont Stadium in Wichita.  With the future of the stadium unclear due to its age and condition, it might be the last year it will be used for the series.  Fans are encouraged to come up and support the Heat  as they battle it out on the field.