I am writing about one of Wellington’s finest.
   In the past nine months since I started this job, it has been my privilege to get to know Jerry Fike.  He has managed the Regent Theater, off and on, for decades now.
   I have followed and appreciated his efforts with the Regent since I have been editor, and I would like to encourage people to check out the Regent when they can.
   Jerry has worked hard to keep the Regent open. He has brought in the biggest Hollywood movies he can, hoping each time people will attend.  Obviously, he cannot — and will not — get every new movie released due to the cost.  The Regent gets movies after they have been out in theaters for at least a few weeks.  
   Earlier this year, Jerry tried to bring stand-up comedians and people with special talents such as Steve Hirst and Curtis the Mentalist to perform at the Regent.  He got mixed results, but I hope he continues with it as long as he can. 
   Another thing he has done is show older movies for audiences interested in seeing their old favorites again on the big screen.  Earlier this year, he showed “The Breakfast Club.” On Thursday, he is showing the original summer blockbuster “Jaws.”
   Many people in Wellington and Sumner County go to Wichita to see the latest movies. They could easily save a lot of money on gas and ticket prices by seeing their favorite movies right here in Wellington. 
   The theater has undergone a lot of work to keep it as modern as possible.  Back in 2013, the theater went all-in by purchasing a digital projector, which allowed the theater to get the movies faster than it had before. Finding film for the old projector was becoming increasingly more difficult by the week.
   Just last year, the Regent was honored as Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce, and that surely meant a lot to Jerry.  Prolonged street work in the vicinity of the theater hurt his traffic for a long time.  Still, he persevered. During that time, he brought in faith-based movies that attracted the masses, which helped the theater tremendously. 
   Just this past weekend, on Sunday, he had lines of people stretching down the sidewalk for the afternoon showing of “Jurassic World.”  This was a fine example of how Jerry and the Regent still can get people to come downtown and keep this fine theater surviving.
   The people of Wellington have a great asset with this theater.  Jerry is providing them with an amazing gift. 
   Let’s all take him up on it.