Kylee Twyman is coming to the end of her first summer as General Manager of the Wellington Heat.  As she gears up for the first game tomorrow in the NBC World Series in Wichita tomorrow, she took the time to speak about how this summer went for her and the team.  
Looking ahead to the big game tomorrow, she said, “I feel pretty confident. The teams in championship week are good and it’ll definitely push us, but overall if the boys are in the right mindset I believe we could be unstoppable. The talent is there, they just have to be ready for the tough competition.”
In the beginning, she remembers “I did a bunch of different sports, soccer, basketball, mixed martial arts, but I played softball my entire life. Baseball has been and always will be my favorite sport.”
Getting to where she is now, though, was not without its challenges, she remembers.  “The low point was definitely the beginning of the summer, being a younger female of only nineteen years old and trying to keep everything running was a struggle at first. It took me a little bit for people to get used to my position and respect me for it. I didn’t come into this thinking that it would go smoothly but I’m just happy that the coaches, players and the City of Wellington was patient with me and allowed me to improve through this field. The high point was watching the boys compete and succeed. This year, the chemistry with the team was amazing, they all get along great and it makes it a lot easier to win a ballgame like that.”
She is already thinking ahead to next year, saying, “Hopefully things run a little bit smoother from the beginning, but other than that, we’re still going to recruit who we feel is the best.  We’re still going to compete, and we will most definitely chase the NBC world title.”