Former Wellington resident Dr. John Karlin has announced the publication of 'Fear, Religion, Politics; Well I'll Be Darn.’  Karlin, a graduate of Wellington High School, WSU and LSU, spent over a year in research and writing this excellent work which is currently listed on

This book is non-fiction and written with three parts.

Part One: Entitled ‘The problem that won’t go away’, examines the relationship between the fear of death and religion. The problem that won’t go away is our own mortality and the consequences of our consciousness of it.

Part Two: Entitled ‘The dream’ examines the goal/objective that Jesus Christ’s life, words and actions indicate that he was trying to achieve during his own lifetime.

Part Three: Entitled ‘A dream gone awry’ examines the relationship between religion and politics today. That relationship has and continues to destroy any chance of that dream coming true.

All three themes are intertwined and explain the political atmosphere today.

Karlin said, “I was born and raised in Wellington and graduated from Wellington High School in 1965. My dad (Merle) was an engineer on the Santa Fe Railroad. My mom was Evelyn (Zoglman) Karlin. After graduating I was drafted and served in the Army as a Davey Crockett Crewman. When getting out in 1968 I went to WSU and received a Master of Administration of Justice Degree. I then went to Louisiana where I received my Ph.D. in Sociology from LSU. I taught at three Oklahoma Universities. When the last University I taught at (Phillips) went bankrupt and closed, I came back to Kansas and worked for St. Francis Community Services in Wellington and Hutchinson before retiring. I then moved back to Oklahoma to be close to my children and grandchildren.

I was led to write this book out of concern for the direction our government and country was headed. Also out of the fact that old Sociologist never die, they just disappear in the library or get sucked into the screen of their computer! It also helped to be endlessly nagged and prodded by friends and colleagues to write it.

The book can be obtained from It is listed on now. Being retired, I am also available to come to Wellington for a speaking engagement or book signing for a local benefit. “