The Orman for Kansas Campaign announced today that Steve Baccus, Chairman of Republican Jeff Colyer’s campaign for Governor, and longtime President of the Kansas Farm Bureau, will join Greg Orman’s campaign as the campaigns first co-chair.

“I made it clear when I joined Governor Colyer’s campaign that I believed Kansas needed a leader who was committed to the state,” said Steve Baccus. “While my candidate in the primary election did not succeed, I remain committed to ensuring that Kansas has the best leaders possible. It is clear to me that Greg Orman and John Doll are the most qualified leaders to grow the Kansas economy and lead our state."

Steve Baccus continued by saying, “Greg Orman knows how to create jobs, he’s done it throughout his entire career. Greg Orman is the only candidate running for Governor who has created hundreds of jobs right here in Kansas. John Doll is the only Lieutenant Governor running who is from Western Kansas. He and his family have been involved in agribusiness in Western Kansas for three-generations. Together, Greg Orman and John Doll represent all of Kansas and present the best partnership for the future of our great state.”

Baccus is a fourth-generation farmer from North Central Kansas, where he has run a significant grain operation since 1977. He has a wide range of experience serving on city and county boards and committees, including the 4-H Foundation and Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership. Over the past twenty years he has served in various branches of the local, state and national Farm Bureau associations. Most notably, serving 14 years as the President of the Kansas Farm Bureau from 2002- 2014. Steve Baccus is also a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Greg Orman responded to Steve Baccus joining the campaign by saying, “I am honored to have Steve join the Orman Doll team. Steve’s knowledge of the Agricultural sector will be invaluable as we look to grow Kansas and meet the challenges of the future. I am excited to have Steve’s endorsement, and to have him as a trusted advisor.

Steve Baccus and Greg Orman will be campaigning together at the Kansas Farm Bureau’s Mitchell County Annual Meeting in Beloit, KS on Mondayevening, August 27, 2018.

The campaign will be releasing names of additional co-chairs and advisors over the coming weeks.