Monday, August 20
Carl Gene Karlstrom, 26, Wichita,  Violation of protection order.
Tuesday August 21
Damien Anthony Patton, 28, Oklahoma City, Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs/ Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs/TOC.
Scott Duane Osborn, 39, Oxford,  Probation Violation:/ FTA.
Travis Gean Deakins, 35, South Haven, Aggravated indecent liberties w child; Offender =>18 fondle child <14/Aggravated criminal sodomy; Offender 18 or older and child <14/Aggravated indecent solic of a child; Persuade <14 to a secluded place/Promote obscenity to minors.
Nina Kathlen Cassube, 34, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Curtis Wade Callaway, Wichita, Failure to appear/Burglary; Non-dwelling to commit felony theft or sexually motivated crime/Theft of prop/services.
Willard Leland Shrode, 48, Arkansas City, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.
Wednesday August 22
John Charles Tallman, 55,  Oxford, Failure to appear.
Constance Marie Stowell, 55, Wellington, Probation Violation.
Lacey Nicole Osenbaugh, 27, Wellington, Failure to appear.
Loren Murray Mendia, 29, Wellington, Aggravated assault/Theft of prop/services;/Domestic battery/Criminal damage to property/Duty of driver to report upon damaging unattended vehicle/property.
Larry Allen Jones Jr., 41, Wichita, Failure to appear.
Thursday August 23
Robert William Walter Jr., 36, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Robert Jason Murray, 44, Haysville, Violation of protection order.
Kylie Nicole Charles, 28, Wichita,  Probation Violation.
Friday August 24
Natalie Nicole Twigg, 35, Wichita, Theft of prop/services.
Gregory Edwin Sklenar, 35, Wichita, Theft of prop/services.
Ronald Lee Sivils, 43, Arkansas City, Probation Violation: STAT (2 Day Quick Dip).
William Andrew Shafer, 39, Belle Plaine, Probation Violation.
Sam Sengvilay, 28, Wichita, Failure to appear.
Michael Lloyd Humble, 33, Udall, 48 Hour Serving sentence.
Bryce Edward Lee Clemons, 23, Wellington, Forgery; Making or altering a written instrument/Theft by deception/Identity theft: /Criminal use of a financial card.
Kevin Wayne Chattin, 24, Winfield,  Failure to appear.
Christel Carol Brown, 28, Lake City,  Forgery;/Criminal use of a financial card.  
Saturday August 25
Lindi Bure’ Spangler, 22, Wichita, Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs/ Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs/Fail to check for safe passage before passing from single lane.
Chelsie Lalyn Seyfert, 27, Wellington, Probation Violation:/Failure to appear.
Benjamin Kent Peters, 24, Haysville,  Identity theft/ Criminal trespass; Remain in defiance of order by owner.
Micheala King, 35, Wichita, Interference with LEO.
Quasean Xavier Lamon Jones, 24, Wellington, Domestic battery;/Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body/Possession of marijuana.
Heather Marie Jones, 24, Oxford, Criminal use of a financial card/Theft of prop/services.
Miranda Taylor Callaway, 20, Wellington, Domestic battery/Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body/Possession of marijuana.
Airun Nicole Blation, 30, Bel Aire, Possession of stolen property/ Possession of marijuana/Possession of stimulant/Possession of substance in KSA 65-4105(g) and KSA 65-4111(c)-(g).
Sunday August 26
Spring Michele Sparling, 41, Belle Plaine, Failure to appear.
Christopher Michael Gauntt, 24, Caldwell,  Probation Violation.