The following is the schedule for the 2018 Fire Hydrant testing. The schedule will be followed as close as possible. At times, due to unforeseen circumstances, changes to the schedule will be necessary. Announcements for any changes will be made as soon as possible. Hydrant testing will start on Sunday Sept.9th and will continue on weekdays only until all of the hydrants are tested.


Crews will be trying to keep the water as clear as possible. Some “dirtying” of the water may occur in the area that is being tested. The possibility exists for adjacent areas to receive some of the “dirty” water also.


Sept. 9th –Sept. 14th, 2018: Downtown hydrants from 2nd to 9th on Washington


Washington from 10th St to 16th St.


Jefferson from 1st St. to 16th St.


“A” St, and “B” St. from Lincoln to 16th St.


“C” St. from 2nd St. to 15th St.


“G”, “H”, Blaine, and Olive from 2nd St. to Harvey


“F” from 2nd to 15th


Vandenburgh & Harvey, Olive from Harvey to 8th


Crestview Heights and Coyote Ridge

All hydrants west from Poplar and south of 16th St.


Sept. 17th– Sept. 21st, 2018: All hydrants west from Poplar and south of 16th St.(cont)


Crestview Heights and Coyote Ridge ( cont.)


All hydrants from Ash to Gardner from 3rd to Waldo


All hydrants east of “A” St and north of 16th to the City Limits


All hydrants north of 16th St. on “A” St. to the City Limits

(This will include the Industrial Park areas)


“G” & 12th, “H” St. from 11th to the north City Limits


All hydrants south of BNSF tracks from “C” St. to Woodlawn