Over the course of the evening, the Foundation awarded 122 scholarships to first time scholarship recipients for the 2018 fall semester.

Donors, along with first time scholarship recipients, packed Cowley College’s Earle N. Wright Community Room on Tuesday night as part of the annual Cowley College Foundation scholarship reception.
The event, in its eighth year, brought together first time scholarship recipients with the community members, donors and alumni who donate money to the foundation in support of scholarships. The reception has continued to be a success and is held each year thanks to a generous contribution from the Trust Company of Kansas, which has been the event sponsor from the first year.

Over the course of the evening, the Foundation awarded 122 scholarships to first time scholarship recipients for the 2018 fall semester.
Attendees were welcomed by Cowley College’s vice president of institutional advancement Dr. Kori Gregg and Foundation board president Mike Munson. Steve English and Tasha Bucher with the Trust Company of Kansas also spoke, while Lena Spencer, Cowley College foundation coordinator, and Lisa Grose, scholarship coordinator, were on hand to ensure the event was a success.
Dr. Gregg thanked the donors in attendance for their generous support to student scholarships. She also congratulated the students on receiving their scholarships.

“One of the great joys I have in leading the Cowley College Foundation is playing a small part in watching students make their dreams come true,” Dr. Gregg said. “I wish you all great success on your journey here at the college.”
During the scholarship presentation, Lena Spencer had the audience answer trivia questions about Cowley College with a chance to win prizes. 
Megan Roth, the recipient of a Warren R. Kelley Scholarship, also spoke at the event. At Cowley, Roth is a student ambassador, in ACES, Art Club, the Cowley Press, and has served as a stage manager for theatre productions.

“Cowley has been an amazing adventure for me and has offered many amazing opportunities,” Roth said. “What makes Cowley standout is that they not only want you to be successful, but the community also wants to help.”

Cowley College 2018-19 Foundation Scholarship Reception Recipients:

Ark City Tumbleweeds Scholarship

Logan Bruce

Linda Barnes Memorial Scholarship
Randie Wingert

Warren Andreas Scholarship
Jason Hardin

Boyer Education Trust Scholarship
Ainsley Carson

Autumn Cole

Chaney Leonard

Tiffany Liersemann

Matthew McComb

Nathaniel Menhusen

Brandon Oleson

Avery Rusk

Kaylee Schulte

Skyli Scott

Macy Seba

Dalton Silhan

Martha Brandenburg Music Scholarship
Jacob Giger

Robert Brown Memorial Scholarship
Hayden Caughron

Justice Circle

Kirsty Gooch

Kelsie Heier

Carly Kimzey

Courtney Knight

Shania Knight

Ashlie Langhorst

Tavia Lawrence

Sadie McClure

Amyra McLean

Madison Messerly

Destinee Ray

Steele Sarnacki

Sarah Shields

Kelsi Smith

Shelly Squires

Alexandria Tally

Tyler Washa

Floyd Clarkson Criminal Justice Scholarship
Kaleb Vining

Commercial Federal Bank Scholarship
Gabrielle Schauf

Barkley Scholarship

Sidney Nittler

Andre’ Thompson

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Scholarship
Bethany Lawless

Emilee Wells

Steve and Janet English Scholarship
Grace Mapel

Fostine Moncrief Scholarship
Hanah Henry

Donald and Wilda Patterson Trust Scholarship
Jason Hardin

Rachel Shriner

Delia Soto

Lindsey Winters

Galaxy Technologies Machine Tool Scholarship
Tristin Kelsay

Avery Rademacher

Hall of Scholars Scholarship
Rachel Barron

Marissa Bratcher

Kara Eastman

Eli Munson

Patrick Nolla

Lyle and Terry Eaton Scholarship
Matheus Mello

Robert and Helen Storbeck Scholarship
Shaw Atchley

Dade Brace

Warren R. Kelley Scholarship
Brenna Bunch

Hubert and Mildred Johnston Scholarship
Brenna Bunch

Kelsey McAlister

Soule Family Scholarship
Jose Amriz

Paton Wholesale Scholarship
Jesseca Brown

Clay and Betty Lemert Scholarship
Jacob Edelman

Kirke Dale Memorial Trust Scholarship
Aubrey Bliss

Ellie Boatman

Hunter Ferguson

Lawrence and Martha Stover Scholarship
Charles Kohring

E.A. Funk Scholarship
Paige Newlin


John and Olive Kappler Scholarship
Robyn Dale

Charles Kerr Scholarship
Jayden Tate

Harold and Mary Lake Scholarship
Tayler Drouhard

Cathrine Nanny

Craig Newman Scholarship
Aysia Chavez

Caroline Foster

Larry and Carlla Pike Scholarship
Tyson Lawson

Bailey Phillips

Haley Wood

L.G. Pike Construction Scholarship
Amanda Rucker

Hunter Terrill

Glen and Bonny Remsberg Scholarship
Garrett Coats

Dawson Leach

Addyson Miller

Rotary Club of Ark City Scholarship
Kadie Carrell

Dale and Isobel Smith Scholarship
Brianne Hutto

Newt and Mary Ellen Smith Scholarship
Rachel Evans

Margot Menefee Scholarship
Mariah Ward

Duck Dash Scholarship
Tara Evans

Nathan Fry

Thais Gomes

Charles Kohring

Caitlyn Lewis

Michael Vaught

Pat McAtee Scholarship
Isaac Hess

Neely Holt

Simon Mourning

Katreena Odom

Nellie Mary Wilson Scholarship 
Yasmine Meyers

Bea Wright Scholarship
Ashyton Robb

Early Bird Lions Club Scholarship
Karlea Tanner

Bedi Sehsuvaroglu Scholarship
Maria McGonigal