Ahead of tonight’s city council meeting, there has been much shock and discussion among people who have seen the financial sheets for the Wellington Aquatic Center.  Having ended its summer season last month, the Wellington Recreational Center posted a loss of $30,597.32.  The WRC Maximum Loss was $10,000.00, with the City of Wellington Share of the Loss at $20,597.32.  Total revenue brought in was $76,809.04.  Revenue comes in from concessions, the swim program, admissions, sales, and rentals.  
Council Member Kevin Dodds was more optimistic about the loss, saying it was, “not as much as it was budgeted to lose.”  He went on to say that “I think it would be a stretch to say that. (the pool being on solid financial ground)  It loses money every year, but this year it did better than projected based on past years.”  When asked if the pool is a financial concern for the city, Dodds did go on to say that “it will be in the near future.”
Council Member Joseph Soria also added, “I haven’t looked at it. However this is a quality of life issue. In training, we all know this a type of activity we have to have.   In a community like a ours (not an affluent community), price of snacks and admission must be kept at a low dollar amount to be affordable.  We do charge for lessons, parties, and make the pool available to all. We have to capture what we can."

Cody White, Superintendent of the Wellington Recreation Commission, said, “The Pool loses money every year. It’s our job to keep the losses to a minimum. This is the lowest amount the pool has lost in years. Last year it lost over $47k this year was over $30k, almost exactly $17K less than last year. The WFAC won’t be a money maker for numerous reasons. It is strictly a service to the community and a service that is expected to lose money every year. What people don’t understand is the cost to run it each day. Salaries and chemicals are the biggest expenses out there.”
Mr. White will be speaking about this at tonight’s council meeting at 6:30 p.m. for those who wish to attend.