With the opening of Aahn’s Place earlier this year at the site of the former Sunshine Motor Inn, it was the start of another new business for Wellington.  According to their press release in December of 2017, ‘Aahn means ’the foundation of traditional values. Family always takes priority in life.
It is the newest residential group home meant to provide emergency children’s shelter services in Wellington. According to their documentation, they ’are eager and ready to help children in our community and across the state of Kansas by providing a safe and nurturing environment.’
If there was one thing we want children to know, it would be that no child should have to go through difficult family times alone. We want them to know that they do matter and that they are not alone in their efforts to find hope. It will get better.’
They continue to offer that ’the city of Wellington provides a unique advantage for youth by offering a supportive and close-knit small town community. In addition, the community will also benefit by being recognized as fostering a safe and loving environment where children can easily overcome challenges of the past and start restoring hope for their future. They provide child mental health services and teen counseling during this transition and help to provide a safe and nurturing space for children.’
However, since the opening of the facility in May of this year, there has been a rise in police response activity in the 1000 block of E. 16th.  Aahn’s Place is located at 1001 E. 16th.  Police have responded frequently to a variety of incidents dealing with runaways and physical altercations.  
When asked to comment on this, Wellington Police Chief Tracy Heath, said, “In response to your inquiries, according to Kansas Dept. of Children & Family Services, Aahn's Place is Licensed as a "Residential" Care home for children.....thus, given the type of facility and the purpose it serves, we (Police) expected "calls" to address various incidents.”
Nissa Rohrer is the office manager at Aahn’s Place and responded that, “at Aahn’s Place, we take great pride in the work with do with the youth who stay with us. With any new business you are likely to encounter challenges in the early stages. Unfortunately, for the business we are in these challenges can sometimes look very unpleasant due to the trauma and negative life experiences many of our youth have experienced. However, we are very committed to working towards solutions as quickly as we can. With the youth, we focus daily on improved emotion regulation skills and behavior management. We also work with the local police department on a regular, as needed basis to problem solve and come up with solutions for the challenges we face. Our goal is to continue to improve the quality of care we provide to our youth. The staff that work at Aahn’s Place are required to fulfill the obligation of several hours of required training as well as additional trainings to help prepare them for the job they do with the youth. While we have learned that not everyone that has attempted to work with the youth at our facility are a good fit, we will continue to interview and hire employees that understand the needs of the youth, the demands of the job, and the desire to follow through with our mission statement of restoring pride and building hope. Our own hope is that the community continues to provide the support they have shown us from the beginning as we work through these early challenges. The traumatized children need and thrive from the support they have received.”