Cast and crew of Arsenic and Old Lace
Director: Deanna Page
The Rev. Dr. Harper: Micah Freeman
Teddy Brewster: Kevin Callison
Abby Brewster: Kim Harriger
Martha Brewster: Emily Altis
Mortimer Brewster: Ben Olson
Elaine Harper: Julie Thrush
Mr. Gibbs: Lizzy Santana
Jonathan Brewster: Brian Page
Dr. Einstein: Nicole Thomason
Officer Brophy: Brandon Oleson
Officer Klein: Joel Carter
Officer O’Hara: Alex Zani
Lieutenant Rooney: Anthony Altis
Mr. Witherspoon: Phil Hennig
Mr. Hoskins: Derrick McClure
MaryAnn Hennig: Props, photography and dinner decor
Bob Brown: Graphic design
Tony Stringer and Brad Ewing: Light and sound techs
Dixie Pennington: Dinner Coordinator
Tickets are $30 for the show and dinner. General admission tickets are $15. The cast have tickets to sale.