Coming off of their historic, major win over Wichita Collegiate last Friday evening, the Crusaders were walking tall.  They had gotten off to a great start last week, but it was now up to the Crusaders to show they were on a roll tonight. Andale, of course, was no slouch the previous week, having beaten Mulvane decisively 42-14.  
The Crusader defense held Andale at 7-0 for most of the first quarter, as Andale pummeled the Crusader line relentlessly.  To the Crusaders’ credit, they did manage to keep Andale’s lead only at 14-0 for the first quarter.  What hurt the Crusaders was the amount of flags being thrown down for penalties in this game.  The field and ball were all wet and played a big part in the Crusaders losing out on big plays.  
Coming back out onto the wet field after half-time, the Crusaders held Andale for the rest of the game.  It remained a stalemate as both sides made tentative inroads into the other’s territory, but could not manage to score another touchdown. The final score remained 28-8
In the end, despite efforts by such Crusaders as Hatfield, Washington, and Ledbetter, among others, the Crusaders just could not get points on the scoreboard.  The Crusaders have a chance to get back on track next Friday evening when they go to play Clearwater.