This information comes from the latest edition of the city newsletter dated 9/7/2018

Several months ago, Staff provided the Governing Body information concerning the 71 tree wells located downtown, specifically on Washington, between 9th Street and 4th Street; and Harvey & Lincoln, between Jefferson and C Street. Staff removed damaged curb around two tree wells in 2016 and noticed a significant increase in the number of damaged sections last year. Staff identified 23 tree wells with damaged or raised curbs of at least 1/2 inch. The damage is being caused by roots of trees too large for their environment and searching for water. The roots will begin raising or cracking the sidewalk soon if not addressed.
Staff has contacted Unity Tree Service to remove these 23 trees, and we will kill the stumps and plant smaller trees or shrubs at a future date. Letters were sent to the business nearest to each tree last week, notifying them of the work to be done. Something else worth noting, the City contracted with Precision Concrete Cutting in 2010 to trim eighty-one (81) trip hazards in the downtown area ($3,094) and again in 2014 for eighty-eight (88) trip hazards ($8,115). These were caused by a combination of typical settling and tree roots.

Downtown Sidewalk.
Staff is contacting potential contractors for repairs to the sidewalk along the south side of Security State Bank. The sidewalk settled several years ago, probably due to poor compaction during the downtown renovation project. Staff would prefer to use a mud-jacking system if financially feasible, to decrease the time of inconvenience in the area.