Au’Dean’s Den in Conway Springs has a new owner.  As of Sept. 4th, John Doss is running things, but he said, “Nothing’s really going to change.  We’re going to keep it the same, but maybe tweak it, do different specials, perhaps add a ladies night.  People are used to the way it is, so I am not going to change too much about it.”
Au’Dean's will also maintain the same hours.  They are open on Mondays now, but, according to Doss, are “considering in a few months opening on Sundays, too.”
Right now, he has eight people working for him, but if he can find more people, it will help determine whether he expands to being open on Sundays.  
He had been working at Cessna for the past thirteen years, but soon grew tired of aircraft work.  He said he “did not like the atmosphere.”  Prior to that, he had worked in construction.  
John’s mother, Terry, had been running Au’Deans, but she had been expressing the desire to retire and move to Table Rock Lake. She had been managing Au’Dean's for the past two and a half years.  When the opportunity to own Au’Dean's finally presented itself, John stepped up and bought it.  
Although he grew up in Goddard, he now lives in rural Sumner County with his wife of seven years, Stacey, and their three kids.  John laughed as he mentioned he has three teenagers at home with a baby on the way.  
“I really fell in love with the area while house hunting,” John said as he remembered what drew him to Sumner County.  He said he “feels comfortable with the business”, and feels he has “plenty of support from the community.”