The Crusaders came back in a big way from their bruising loss to Andale last week.  The Crusaders were down a few players due to injuries, so it was a concern for how the team might play this evening.

Those concerns were handily put to rest early in the game when the Crusaders were the first to put points on the scoreboard.  They took the lead early on and despite a brief moment when the Clearwater Indians were just one point behind, the Crusaders never gave up the lead. 

Grey Hatfield was a rock star for the Crusaders this evening, scoring four touchdowns. 

The Crusaders are now 2-1 after winning in a big way over Clearwater 47-26. 

The only downside for the Crusaders this evening were the amount of penalty flags thrown down on the field, but that is something that can be worked on before the next game.

That next game is a week from tonight in Wellington.  That will be Homecoming when the Augusta Orioles come to town.  Following that, there is a trip to Winfield at the end of the month.  The Crusaders are clearly back on track this evening and are truly walking tall.