It was not much of a fight for the Crusaders Friday evening as they traveled to Rose Hill to play on their Homecoming night.  The Crusaders were at 3-1 going into the game, coming off of their crushing defeat of Augusta last Friday evening at 35-14.  The only stumbling block the Crusaders have run into this season was when they were crushed by Andale in their second week of play at 28-0.  The Rockets have had a rough time of it this season, going without a win so far.  They had a close one with Clearwater starting out at 22-18; were beaten soundly by Wichita Collegiate at 36-3; annihilated by Andale at 62-0; and put up a good fight against Circle, but losing 20-10.  
Starting things off with the Crusaders, it was pretty clear which way the game was going to go.  The Crusaders were making some mistakes, but they still were able to move the ball down the field.  By the end of the first quarter, the Crusaders were already ahead 14-0, with the Rockets unable to mount any significant resistance.  By the end of the third quarter, the Crusaders were ahead 28-0.  
Going into the home stretch, it was Isaac Hilt delivering another one for the Crusaders to make it 35-0. It was a literal last minute surprise from the Rockets that delivered their one touchdown of the game to make it 38-7.  
The Crusaders have now made it three wins in a row to make it 4-1.  The Rose Hill Rockets live to fight another day to play Mulvane on Oct. 5th.  
Next Friday, Oct. 5th, the Crusaders play at home with Labette County making a long road trip over for some football.  The Grizzlies are currently 3-2.  Starting out their season, they lost to Pittsburg 43-8, but came back strong the following week to win over Independence 36-0.  In their third week, the Grizzlies continued to win over Coffeyville 28-14.  The Grizzlies continued to win over Winfield 26-20, but this past Friday, the Labette County Grizzlies lost to Fort Scott 21-6. 

For the Crusaders' Oct. 12th game, it’s off to Winfield for some Viking action.  Finally, it’s Mulvane on Oct. 19th, with the bi-district playoffs set for Oct. 26th with the opponent yet to be named.