Here are the results of the Wellington High School and 6th Grade Cross Country Meet held at Wedgewood Golf Course in Halstead

Wellington came home with five medals for the High School, nine PR's & Chase Pfalzgraf made 7th on the All-time best record list For Wellington High School.
The 6th graders all ran against 7th graders and came home with six medals & eleven Personal Bests.

Where: Wedgewood Golf Course 
Boys Var-5K TIME Place Medal Pers.Rec.
Chase Pfalzgraf 17.57 9th Medal PR
Toby Henning 19.10 34th 
Tyler Brown 19.31 42nd PR
Billy Walker 20.11 53rd PR

Girls JV-5K TIME Place Medal Pers.Rec.
Kaitlyn Hain 26.26 9th Medal PR

Boys JV-5K TIME Place Medal Pers.Rec.
Camden Parkey 19.52 4th Medal PR
Sonny Lipton 20.09 7th Medal PR
Chilson Ybarra 20.52 15th Medal PR
Daniel Atkinson 21.20 26th PR
Braeden Ybarra 22.13 40th PR
Laken Smith 22.37 51st 
Hunter Bryant 26.23 75th 
Team Placed 6th

6th Grade Girls-1M TIME Place Medal Pers.Rec.
Taylor Earl 6.59 10th Medal PR
Sullivan Parkey 7.02 13th Medal PR
Scout Douglas 7.36 26th PR
Ellee Everett 7.56 31st PR
Nevaeh Catt 12.39 47th

6th Grade Boys-1M TIME Place Medal Pers.Rec.
Tristan Tencleve 6.13 5th Medal PR
Kaleb Hamilton 6.30 13th Medal PR
Jagger Norris 6.38 18th Medal PR
Rome Hunt 6.39 20th Medal PR
Axl Norris 6.46 26th PR
Colten Clift 7.16 33rd PR
Colin Rains 8.31 44th PR
Greer Buchanan 10.01 52nd 
All 6th Graders ran in the 7th grade race

Next race for WHS & 6th Grade is at Cheney Lake (west side) 
Thursday, Oct. 4th - 3:30 6th and 4:30 WHS