Friday afternoon, it was revealed in the city newsletter, that “City staff emailed an official response to the developer, in reference to the construction of 17th Street off Boundary. After consultation with PEC, there were ten (10) deficiencies noted, including:
1. Construction before plans were approved created several items not meeting City standards. This includes the installation of geogrid fabric, structural bar in required locations, non-approved curb section, improper control joint pattern and incorrect cross slope of the surface.
2. Since staff has been working towards approved plans with the developer's engineer, the City had no expectation that construction would begin, the contractor did not contact the City to acknowledge beginning, or to request inspections. At no point was there opportunity to inspect the pre-pour conditions, including thickness and compaction of base rock, thickness of pavement and other structure components of the street.
3. Following the rain Thursday morning, staff documented several locations that do not drain water, partially due to building to a plan that was being revised.
4. The street has cracked in two locations. Cracks appearing within days of being poured, indicate improper joints, not following standard placement and finish methods or structural failure.
5. Overall finish of the concrete is not smooth and will create a rough ride.
6. Staff requested delivery tickets or other proof of the quantity of concrete to the project to compare to the quantity estimate provided by their engineer.
Dollar Tree is tentatively set to open Oct. 25th.