Would the Crusaders be able to make it four wins in a row Friday evening?  That was the ultimate question as Grey Hatfield came back out onto the field after being sidelined due to illness.  Tyler Jimenez was also back, having recovered from injuries sustained in a car accident.  
The Crusaders were 3-1 going into the game this evening and were keen to notch another victory.  With Hatfield being one of their best players, Friday night would be a big test of their abilities as the Labette County Grizzlies had a better track record than some of the teams the Crusaders had played in recent weeks.  
The Grizzlies are currently 3-2.  Starting out their season, they lost to Pittsburg 43-8, but came back strong the following week to win over Independence 36-0.  In their third week, the Grizzlies got the win over Coffeyville 28-14.  The Grizzlies went on to win over Winfield 26-20.  However, this past Friday, the Grizzlies lost to Fort Scott 21-6.  
Starting out, an illegal procedure went down on the Crusaders right after the opening kick-off, which startled many.   
With 9:32 remaining in the first quarter, the Grizzlies scored the first touchdown of the game to make it 6-0.  The Grizzlies did not let up, delivering another touchdown to make it 12-0 over the Crusaders with a little over five minutes left in the first quarter.  
The Crusaders were having penalty flags called on them for being off-sides on more than one occasion.  The flags were causing loss of yardage for the Crusaders in a game they could not afford to be losing distance.  
With the first quarter nearly over, Michael Ledbetter shocked the crowd with his first touchdown of the evening for the Crusaders.  They were finally on the board to be down only five with the score being 12-7.  
Shortly into the second quarter, the Grizzlies earned another touchdown, plus a two-point conversion.  With the score now at 20-7, it was clear the Crusaders were going to have to work hard to get the win this evening.  
So, they did.  
Ledbetter scored again with another touchdown with 9:03 remaining in the first half, making it 20-13.  
Grey Hatfield was the comeback kid for the Crusaders as he scored with a 43-yard touchdown and made it a tied ball fame finally at 20-20.  
Not content to let off the gas, it was Zander Vargas bringing in the next touchdown for the Crusaders with 4:42 remaining in the first half.  The Crusaders got the extra point and were leading 27-20.  It was the first time in the game the Crusaders were in the lead.  
With the end of the first half, the Crusaders had to have been rather proud of themselves as they had put twenty points up on the board just in the second quarter alone.  It was quite the feat, and they still had the second half yet to play.  
The penalties kept coming for the Crusaders starting out the second half.  It was almost anti-climactic that four minutes into the game that neither side had managed to score another touchdown.  The Grizzlies were also racking up a few penalty flags of their own.  For most of the third quarter, the game was almost at a standstill, with neither side managing to get through the other’s defenses.  With 3:08 remaining in the third quarter, the Grizzlies’ quarterback was sidelined with an ankle injury.  It was the Grizzlies with a surprised for the Crusaders near the end of the quarter when they scored a touchdown in the last few seconds.  Unfortunately, they could not quite tie the game, but the score was now a nail-biter at 27-26.  
With the final quarter, things just were not going to let up with the score being that close.  Hatfield jumped into action almost right away to deliver another touchdown.  The score now stood at 33-26.  It was absolutely amazing that the Crusaders have come back from an uncertain beginning to really rack up the points this evening.  
With mere minutes left in the game, the Crusaders had their lead and were determined not to let it slip away.  It would be the closest score in the season for the Crusaders with their final score of 33-26.  The Crusaders' winning streak goes to four with its victory over Grizzlies. They are now 5-1, for the first time since 2005.  Next week, the Crusaders head to Winfield to try and make it six.