Will the Crusaders make it 6-1?  That was this week’s question as the Friday evening game with the Winfield Vikings approached.  The Vikings lost 7-3 against the Arkansas City Bulldogs in their first game of the season.  They followed that up with a bruising loss  against McPherson 47-7.  The Vikings finally won their first game when they played Towanda, winning 21-0.  The Vikings then had their turn against the Labette County Grizzlies, losing by one touchdown 26-20.  
The Vikings have won their last two games, however.  They beat the Augusta Orioles 35-17, and El Dorado 28-12.  
The Vikings are coached by Linn Hibbs, who led the Crusaders to multiple victories from 1996-2010.  Hibbs is also a Wellington High School graduate.  
The Crusaders, of course, are on fire with their last four games all being flat-out victories.  
With it being Senior Night for Winfield, the Vikings were coming out to the field and ready to play their A Game.  There was quite a good turn-out for people from Wellington, which was great to see.  
It was Grey Hatfield, though, who wasted little time for the Crusaders in getting their first touchdown of the evening.  The Crusaders were already leading 7-0 over the Vikings with 10:38 remaining in the first quarter.  
Over the next few minutes, Hatfield would get assistance from such regulars as Washington and Ledbetter in trying to score again, but the Vikings had them briefly at a standstill.  The Vikings were also hurt by a few unsportsmanlike conduct calls by the referees.  
With 1:27 remaining in the first quarter, the Crusaders called time-out as the score remained 7-0.  The first quarter ended with the teams at a standstill, the Crusaders still holding their lead of 7-0.
Unlike the surprising touchdown by Hatfield near the beginning of the first quarter, the second quarter continued the back and forth of both teams as they probed the other’s defenses, but could not quite seal the deal to get that next touchdown.  
Hatfield was still on fire, though, making it through the Viking defenses, and all signs seemed to point to another touchdown.  They got it with 1:21 left in the half to make it 14-0, but it was Silas Popplewell with the credit this time.  That was it for the first half, with the Crusaders in the lead 14-0.
Coming back out onto the field, the pressure was on for the Vikings to get some points on the board.  Soon, there was another unsportsmanlike conduct flag thrown down on the Vikings, costing them more yardage.  
The Crusaders then suffered an injury to one of their players, leaving them down one.  With 4:37 remaining in the third quarter, the Crusaders called time-out.  Coming back out onto the field again, the back and forth continued.  The Crusaders then used up their other time out as the third quarter entered its final moments.  
The third quarter ended with the score again unchanged at 14-0, the Crusaders leading.  Starting off the four quarter, Jack Mull, a senior for the Vikings, finally got the Vikings onto the scoreboard, securing them just one touchdown behind the Crusaders, 14-7.  Unfortunately, the Vikings were the recipients of yet another penalty flag, which cost them.
De’Andre Washington then made his first touchdown of the evening to make it 20-7.  Even though the extra point was blocked, Zander Vargas scored for two points.  With less than 2:30 remaining in the game, the Crusaders increased their lead to 22-7.  
As the quarter drew to a close, it was clear that the Crusaders were finally able to break through and deliver another resounding victory with the final score of 22-7 over the Vikings.  Next week, the Crusaders play at home against Mulvane.  The Crusaders are now 6-1, their only loss earlier in the season against Andale.