Next year, for the first time in Wellington, there will be a modern facility for the Wellington Humane Society.  
Progress continues to be made at the site for the new building.  For Humane Society Vice President Phyllis Todd, she said, “Even with rain delays we are on track. The walls are going up after the long work of foundation and special concrete pour to accommodate electrical and plumbing with special drains for our kennel system that is designed by Kansas City based Shoreline. The facility will feature the latest in cleaning systems to keep our kennels clean, so drains are an important aspect of the early work. The work may go slower than a typical retail space build since we have many regulations to keep in mind as we put in special air exchange systems to keep the air flow healthy for each room and plumbing needs for the drains for each kennel.”
For the new facility, she also said, “We are currently interviewing for our one paid position which is the Shelter Director. This position requires experience in several areas, such as fund raising, grant writing, public appearances, as well as animal care and office management. We expect to hire the director by January of 2019.  All other positions in the first years will be filled by volunteers. We have a volunteer who will directly schedule and train each volunteer to fill the needs of animal care, cleaning and maintenance, office work and public reception.  These volunteers will come from the general public, schools and organizations in the area. We hope to incorporate students at Futures in appropriate areas.”  
Long term plans for the facility, Todd explained,  “will be to provide a clean safe place for homeless small animals to have refuge and health care,  as well as behavioral training so each pet can find the right forever home. Each pet will be spayed or neutered and vaccinated before being put on the adoption floor.”  She went on to say, “We have long term plans for another large dog park on the property, services for indoor pet bathing, pet training classes and events for pet owners.”
It has been a long road getting to this point, she remembered.  “This has been twenty years in the making. The network of volunteers have worked under the radar all that time rescuing pets, raising funds and trying to relieve pet suffering where we could. The Michell Trust began the donations with a large amount and it has slowly been growing  over the years. Several years ago, the city donated the land we are building on at 203 W Hillside. At that time John and Linda Stewart made a huge commitment to see that this shelter got built. Linda Stewart has worked with architects, builders, and the city to make sure we build a shelter Wellington can be proud of.”
Todd concluded by saying, “We are asking the community to help us finish off this fine building by helping pay for kennels, dog runs, and fencing by the yard. If your family or organization is interested in supporting this project you can let us know by call 620-399-8552. Donations can be sent to PO Box 494 or via Paypal on our Facebook donation button. We also have an monthly withdrawal set up from your bank if you would like to be a regular contributor."