Crusader alumni performed in production at Cowley College last weekend

 The Cowley College Visual and Performing Arts Department entertained audiences with the recent production of its fall play “Night Must Fall” by Emlyn Williams. The psychological thriller was performed October 11-13 in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Newly hired theatre director Nick Albrecht was pleased that Cowley College was able to perform a play that had only three productions slated this year.

“Being one of only three productions this year, and the only one in the Midwest, was really cool for our students,” Albrecht said. “We were able to show our students a little hidden gem that other students do not have access to.”

The story evolved around Dan, a bell hop played by Caleb Parish, who arrived at the Bramson bungalow, having already murdered one woman and there was little doubt that he would soon murder another: the aged Mrs. Bramson (Abbiah Conrad) herself. He skillfully insinuated himself into her affections while attempting to seduce her suspicious niece Olivia (Antoinette Morris) from exposing his diabolical intentions. And though she professes loathing, Olivia is attracted and fascinated by Dan. Fatally.

Albrecht said Night Must Fall is an enjoyable psychological thriller that made the audience ask itself, is Dan really in the wrong?

“The actors and technicians really came together and did a fine job with the whole production,” Albrecht said. “The students worked hard and put together a good product in the end.”

Cast list:

Olivia Grayne – Antoinette Morris

Dan – Caleb Parish

Mrs. Bramson – Abbiah Conrad

Hubert Laurie – Isaac Hess

Mrs. Terence – Claudia Sprague

Dora Parkoe – Cassidy Harriger

Inspector Belsize – Edward Hackerott

Nurse Libby – Jeannie Qualls

Lord Chief Justice – Katreena Odom


Hubert Laurie – Caden Lantz

Olivia Grayne – Hannah Dougherty

Dora Parkoe – Chelo Curtis

Nurse Libby – Kamren Holmes

Inspector Belsize – Jose Ambriz


Assistant Director – Emily Ramsey

Dramaturg – Markie Swanson

Lighting Designer – Brandon Oleson

Sound Designers – Gage Johnson, Drew Randall

Props Designer – Stephanie Salazar

Hair and Makeup Designer – Riley Nelson

Set Crew – Theatre Practicum Class

Run Crew – Markie Swanson, Charlie Jordan, Gage Johnson, Stephanie Salazar

Stage Manager – Maddie Thayer

Assistant Stage Manager – Jacob Giger

Costume Designer – Claudia Sprague

Paint Charge – Markie Swanson, Chandra Pourner

Lighting Crew – Drew Randall, D’onna Braddy