For Council Member Jim Valentine, he is never at a loss for words on the issues facing the people of Wellington. He discussed Wednesday morning a measure he would support to better enforce against vicious dogs, which he feels is a big problem in Wellington. It is a topic that will be discussed soon by the entire council. The ordinance that they will vote on is based on the same vicious dog ordinance that Wichita has. He feels “the vicious dog should be put down immediately if it attacks anyone. There should be a 500$ fine and 30 days in jail for the owner. There are too many loopholes in the law. We are reaping what we sowed from over a decade ago when they let pit bulls in Wellington. We’ve gotta do something about these dogs. The people who own them get away scot-free when something happens.” He compared the current vicious dog ordinance as being like "Swiss cheese. I want to make it air-tight." He compared getting bitten by a dog to “being slapped with barbed wire.” He said he was attacked recently, while riding his bike, by a German Shepherd with no collar and was not on a chain. Jim said he had to use his bike to protect himself. He said that if that had happened to a child, the ending could have been far different. Jim claims he is not against animals, just the ones that are vicious. He wants an ordinance that is firm and fair. He said there is a problem in the city where people let their dogs loose in the mornings and let them run loose all day. He pointed out that animals, like people, are unpredictable. In other news, Jim said there was not a tax increase passed last night at the city council meeting. Council Members Soria and Dodds also confirmed there was no tax increase. “I don’t know where they came up with that. It’s not a tax. It’s interest. We took the lowest interest rate, which was 3.6137%." Jim said this involved "building a new trash transfer station. We needed it anyway. It wasn’t big enough to accommodate what we had.” At the meeting, Council Member Hawley was absent, with Council Member Etter the only person voting against the measure.