The Mulvane Wildcats have had an interesting season, too. This is Coach Daniel Myears’ first year leading the team out on the field.  For 26 seasons, Coach Fennewald was the lead coach for the Mulvane Wildcats, but after last season, he retired from coaching and is now assistant principal at Mulvane High School.
They started their season off by playing Andale, but losing 42-14.  They rebounded with their following win of 42-14 over the Clearwater Indians.  They suffered a loss, though, when they played Wichita Collegiate, with a score of 42-22.  The Wildcats came back again their win over Buhler of 39-29.  For their Homecoming game, they played a new opponent with Coffeyville’s Field Kindley High School, winning a close game of 28-20.  They played the Rose Hill Rockets, winning 48-18.  Their more recent game against El Dorado, the Wildcats won a decisive 41-6.  Going into Friday’s game with the Crusaders, the Wildcats were at 5-2.  
Another factor in the Wildcats’ favor is that they have won every game against the Crusaders since after 2005.  In 2005, the Crusaders beat the Wildcats 28-13.  Since then, however, it has been a winning streak by the Wildcats over the Crusaders.  With this being the last regular game of the season, a lot of hopes are being pinned on this one.  
It was Silas Popplewell who scored the first touchdown of the evening for the Crusaders with 6:34 remaining in the first quarter.  The Crusaders were out of the gate with an early lead of 7-0.
The Wildcats were fighting hard, but the Crusaders were putting up a brutal defense, putting down all of their attempts in the first quarter to get their own touchdown.  
Going into the second quarter, the Wildcats tried hard, repeatedly trying to penetrate the Crusader defense, but they just could not seal the deal for a touchdown.  It was finally a great run by Cole Diffenbaugh that brought the Wildcats their first touchdown of the evening.  Being successful with the kick, the Crusaders and Wildcats were tied 7-7 with 5:44 remaining in the first half.  
Towards the end of the first half, the Crusaders lost one of their players to a leg injury.  He was able to walk off the field on his own.  
With less than a minute remaining in the first half, the Wildcats pulled into the lead with another touchdown, making it 14-7.  It had been quite some time since the Crusaders had not been in the lead this season.  With the score unchanged at the half, it was going to be up to the Crusaders to regain that lead.  
During halftime, the Seniors playing for the Crusaders were recognized for their achievements.  This was their last regular game and emotions were running high, hoping for a win.  The cool evening also made for high humidity, making everything out on that field slippery.  
Mulvane called for time out with 10:03 remaining in the third quarter, their first of the second half.  They had just gained quite a bit of yards, but were running head-on with the Crusader defense again.  The Crusaders forced a turn-over before the Wildcats could manage that next touchdown.  Grey Hatfield then was very close to making a touchdown for the Crusaders, but the Wildcats were not about to make it easy for him.  
It was next up to Popplewell again to make another large gain for the Crusaders.  Things were looking up again for the Crusaders as the ball was working in their favor and they were deep in Mulvane territory.  Popplewell almost made it across the line for a touchdown, but lost the ball.  It was finally Hatfield who made it across to make the touchdown.  Unfortunately, the kick was blocked by the Wildcats.  That left the score being 14-13, with the Wildcats leading by one.  
Hatfield made another run, but was brought down brutally by the Wildcats, sending him way off-sides.  He took another hard hit later that sent him to the sidelines briefly.  
With thirty-five seconds left in the third quarter, the Crusaders were readying an attempt at getting the touchdown that would enable them to re-take the lead.  Unfortunately, they were flagged for a penalty and it cost them yardage.  The third quarter ended with the score unchanged.
Starting the final quarter, Jake Soria stepped off to the sidelines for the Crusaders when he, too, became injured.  
With 5:26 remaining in the game, Mulvane called time out.  Before long, both teams were crashing into each other again, the clock ticking down.  It was truly the closest game of the season the Crusaders had played, and things were becoming tense out on the field.  
Wellington called a time out with 4:00 remaining.  Coming back out, the Crusaders were going to go for it.  Again, they were stopped hard by the Wildcats.  The Crusaders clashed repeatedly with the Wildcats until the the final time out was called with 1:41 remaining in the game.  
In the end, the Crusaders just could not get that last touchdown to win the game.  Their enemy was time, and it just did not work out for them.  The winning streak the Crusaders had been on these past several weeks ended Friday evening, but they were still on to the playoffs.  They ended their regular season at 6-2.