Last Saturday marked a milestone for Crusader Track and Field Coach Charles Wallace.  He marked fifty years being at the helm of the track and field team.  He also had the honor of having two of his athletes going to State this coming Saturday.
Chase Pfalzgraf finished 7th.  Mackenzie Heacock places 10th, The last time a girl and boy both qualified for state was Ren Bean and Jaedyn Ledesma in 2010.
During the meet this past Saturday, Coach Wallace was surprised with a plaque honoring him for his years of service to the Crusaders.  
We feel what was written about Coach Wallace in the May 16th, 2014 issue of the Wellington Daily News best sums up the long-lasting appeal and experience of Coach Charles Wallace.   “Charles Wallace is the exception to both of those. He grew up in Pennsylvania and is still coaching the Crusader cross country and track programs. Wallace has been coaching at the school for 40 or more years, and 11 years ago stopped teaching in the classroom.
He said he feels more relaxed after giving up classroom duties. He plans to keep coaching “as long as my health holds up.”
He said he enjoys working with high school kids. The biggest difference between today and when he started coaching is the many more options students have today.
“Today you have to recruit kids, show them the value of sports. There are so many more things for them to do now. When I played, and when I started coaching, you just announced practice and 30 kids would show up,” he said.
Wallace attended Ottawa University in Kansas, and got his masters at Emporia State. He began coaching in 1966 in Wellington, and met his wife, Brenda here. He and his wife raised two daughters in Wellington.
He coached a lot of different sports, but cross country and track have been the ones he has coached most.
He has coached both individuals and teams to championships, but the thing he likes most is helping students be as good as they can be.
“I have been blessed with great athletes. Sometimes you have great athletes, and sometimes they are more average,” he said.
Wallace said being added to the Wall of Recognition has been a great experience. He is the first one who was not a Wellington graduate.