Results as of the morning of Nov. 7th

Election Night 2018 in Kansas had something for everyone all throughout the evening as the results came in.  Nationally, it was not quite the blue wave Democrats were hoping for, but in the end, they did take control of the House of Representatives, while the Republicans slightly increased their control of the Senate.  
All through the past several months, the polls had shown the governor’s race as being a close one.  What finally culminated was a five percent spread between Laura Kelly and Kris Kobach.  Kelly beat Kobach 48% to 43% by a total of 489,337 to 443,346.  Kobach did win the most counties, but Kelly won big in the more populated areas.  For instance, she won big in Sedgwick, Harvey, Johnson, Riley, Lyon, Crawford, Shawnee, and Douglas Counties.  Kobach won everywhere else.  Independent candidate Greg Orman won 7% of the vote to gain 66,163 votes.  
Republican Derek Schmidt will stay on as Attorney General, winning his re-election over Democrat Sarah G. Swain, 59% to 41%, by a total of 599, 773 to 410,881.  

For those who braved the long lines to vote in Sumner County, there was a high 46.89% voter turn-out, according to Erin Bohannon, Deputy Election Clerk.  

Neighboring Sedgwick County saw historically high voter turnout during the midterm election.  More than 160,000 Sedgwick County residents cast votes this year — an increase of nearly 20,000 from 2014.  It is the highest number of votes in a midterm on record from the Sedgwick County Election Office.

In their re-match from 2016, Republican Rep. Ron Estes again beat Democrat James Thompson by a comfortable margin of 60& to 40%, their totals 138,856 to 93, 384.  
Democratic Rep. Ed Trimmer was defeated in his re-election bid by Republican Cheryl Helmer by 51% to 49%, with their totals 3,586 to 3,461.  
Helmer will be joining Bill Rhiley, who previously beat Rep. Anita Judd-Jenkins last August in the primary election.  Rhiley was unopposed in the general election and will take office in January.  
John R. Cooney will also be sworn in in January as the County Commissioner, 3rd District, in Sumner County.  
For Creek Township Clerk, Democrat Clint Ast was defeated by Republican Benjamin E. Rush, 44 to 28 votes.  
For Ryan Township Clerk, Republican Nick Hilger narrowly won over Democrat Michelle Norris 31 to 27 votes.  
In the race for Sumner Township Clerk, Democrat Ryan Chitwood lost to Jay Clum 33 to 28 votes.  
There will be a new Secretary of State as well with Republican Scott Schwab winning over Democrat Brian McClendon 53% to 44%, their totals 536,472 to 441,444.
There will also be improvements made to the Oxford School District sites since that bond issue was approved by voters by 456 to 230 votes.  
The results of the election will be canvassed on Nov. 13th.