The governing body asks that anyone interested in being considered for appointment for any of the board or commission positions that expire in April 2019 submit an Application for City Boards/Commissions by December 31, 2018, to the City Clerk’s Office. The application form is available in the City Clerk’s Office or is available on the City’s website,, on the Boards and Commissions page. Additional information on the Boards/Commissions is also available on the website.


The City Boards/Commissions that have member terms expiring April 30, 2019 are the following:


Combined Trade Board- 4 positions, One position must be a Building Contractor, one position must be an Electrical Contractor, one position must be a Plumbing Contractor, one position must be a Mechanical Contractor.


Housing Authority Board-2 positions, Position number 3, and Position number 4. One of these two members may be a non-resident of the City of Wellington, KS per Resolution No. 5457.


Library Board- 2 positions, must reside in the City of Wellington. No person who has been appointed for two consecutive four-year terms shall be eligible for further appointmnet to such board until one year after the expiration of the second term per KSA 12-1222.


Park Board- 2 positions, must reside in the City of Wellington and a taxpayer of the City of Wellington. No member of the board shall be related by blood or marriage to a member of the Governing body of the City or to any officer of the City Government per Resolution No. 4077.


The appointment to any Board/Commission position is for a four-year term and the term will begin May 1, 2019.


If any other questions, please contact Carol Mericle, City Clerk, ph 620-326-2811, or email at