Residents of Conway Springs have been dealing with a lot of construction being done in various areas of the city for the past few months.  Sections of water line around the city are in the process of being replaced.  Early Wednesday morning, according to the City of Conway Springs Facebook page, workers uncovered a well for one of the underground springs that was done in brick, by hand. The contractor pumped it out, but within minutes, it was filling back up.  
Conway Springs Mayor Jessica Gerlach was asked if there were any other surprises uncovered by this project.  She replied that was , “mainly more of this type of thing: brick masonry wells where our springs are located. There was another one near the park.”
As to the condition of the well, she said they were “very strong and stable. The work done back then was impeccable. Unfortunately, this will still need to be addressed, as they aren’t up to current code, but we’re crossing those bridges as we get to them.”
She added that the city is over halfway done with the project.  “We have to have water flowing by April 2019.”
In addition to the water lines, the city is also constructing a new water treatment plant.  It will be located west of town on Parallel.  
The city is also building a new concession stand in the park.