Activities Director Marian Scott lead a quiz bowl focused on Kansas History at Spring View Manor in Conway Springs Tuesday afternoon. 
Students enrolled in College Sociology for Cowley College credit come here one day a week and are assigned to a specific resident. 
One day a week they come here, and are assigned a specific resident to help and interact in group activities, according to their teacher, Nancy Julius.
The students and residents had a great time answering the questions focused on Kansas history and it’s clear they have built up a rapport with each other.
After the competition, the students and residents snacked on bread that was baked for the occasion.

Drawings of sunflowers were also on display at the nursing home.  These drawings were depicted by students at Kyle Trueblood Elementary in Conway Springs.  These drawings will be judged by how many votes each one can on which ones were the best. 

Marian is a veteran by now of doing events like these for the residents, but it does not come without a case of nerves beforehand.  Prior to this event, she had to get the different buzzers and their wires untangled before making sure they were working properly when the time came. 

In the end, Marian need not have worried.  This event came off without a hitch and great fun was had by the residents as well as the students who came to see them.