WAKE UP WELLINGTON         Residents of Wellington, Kansas WAKE UP! Your chamber of commerce and city council are entering into an agreement with a FOREIGN NATIONAL CORPORATION with the intent of harvesting, TENS OF MILLIONS of DOLLARS of your TAXPAYER MONEY in the form of government subsidies. This money will not stay in the U.S. or benefit Americans or American interests and the money will go for nothing, no benefit to the American people or the environment. This money will go straight into the pockets of a German Foreign National  Corporation. This is a travesty! Your city council and chamber of commerce will tell you that it will benefit Wellington.  This is not necessarily true. For every dollar that stays in Wellington five or more taxpayer dollars enriches a foreign  corporation. They are taking advantage of a government subsidy program that is meant to help American interests at home not FOREIGN NATIONALS. Write or call your chamber of commerce and city council and tell them you oppose the "Legal" theft of taxpayer money that benefits no one but a foreign corporation before it is too late. Also, go to: Crusaders for Responsible Development on Face book and join in on the discussion.
  A Concerned Citizen