Wellington High School senior Brooke McCorkle continues to smash athletic records in her final months as a Crusader.  Recently, Brooke became the first Wellington High School female athlete to reach the 600 lb club for overall total of bench, clean & squat. She then set the goal to earn the 700 lb Club before she graduates.”
When reached Wednesday afternoon, Brooke revealed that she has “actually reached the 700 lb club! And things have been going really well! I have been setting some new records!”  She added she reached the 700 lb club “at our home powerlifting meet. My next goal is to set some new records and possibly break some records at the state meet, which is March 2nd.”  She has been practicing for it two times a day.  
Once powerlifting is complete, Brooke said she will be doing track and softball this spring.  “I am very excited and think they should be some great seasons!  I have been practicing a lot, and I am my goal is to make a run at both the softball and track state tournaments!”
Upon graduating from Wellington High School, Brooke is set to attend Mississippi Valley State University.  
Brooke’s mother, Amber, commented that, "I love how goal oriented she is, and once she obtains a goal, she will set a new higher one.  She is always striving to be the best she can be and we’re proud of her for that.”