Wellington High School alumni Cassidy Harriger will take part in Mamma Mia!  Harriger is a veteran of several past productions at Cowley College since graduating from Wellington High School.  Last October, as a result of her performance in Night Must Fall, she was entered into the Irene Ryan Acting Competition.  Harriger also recently appeared in Elf.  
Looking back, Cassidy reflected that, “I graduated high school in 2017.  I’m graduating from Cowley this year with a graphic design degree. Right now, I’m playing Lisa, one of Sophie’s friends, in Mamma Mia. I auditioned because I love acting and I love theatre. I’ve been in plays pretty consistently since 7th grade, so it’s become pretty second nature to be in shows.”
She went on to say, “We’re using projections for Mamma Mia so I’m marrying my two passions in this show by being the projection designer. I’m using my background in graphic design to create the images we’re going to project onstage. It’s really cool.”
Looking ahead to her future, she commented that, “After Cowley I’m going to move to Florida and audition to be one of the face characters at the park. I want to play one of the princesses, so I’ve been doing theatre to get used to playing characters and prepare myself to follow this dream. I also sent in an application to be part of the Disney college program, but if I don’t make it in, I’m going to work elsewhere for a year so I can get instate tuition when I apply to go to the University of Central Florida.”  
Cassidy’s mother, Kimberly, teaches at Eisenhower Elementary in Wellington.  When reached for comment last Friday, she said she was your “typical proud momma.”  She went on to talk about how proud she is of her daughter’s hard work.  
Becoming the first college in the state of Kansas to get the rights to perform Mamma Mia!, Cowley College’s Visual and Performing Arts Department will offer audiences four opportunities to catch the musical March 28-30 in the Robert Brown Theatre.
“To be the first college in Kansas to have the rights to Mamma Mia! Speaks to Cowley and its commitment to produce the newest stuff coming out,” Cowley College theatre director Nick Albrecht said.
The musical will be performed each night at 7:30 p.m. with a special 2:30 performance on Saturday, March 30.