Monday, Feb 25
Mario Soto, 25, Dodge City, Serving Sentence // Failure to Appear x2.
Thaddeus Popplewell, 39, Wichita, Failure to Appear.
Kylee Jean Chisholm, 26, Arkansas City, Probation Violation // Failure to Appear.
Tuesday, Feb 26
Zackary Allen Nichols, 20, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Matthew Paul Gerber, 31, Conway Springs, Driving while suspended // Failure to Appear.
Sidney Arnaze Carnes, 34, Wichita, Failure to Appear // Parole Violation.
Wednesday, Feb 27
Michael Everett Sowter II, 31, Wichita, Probation Violation.  
Jeremy Wade Glenn, 40, Augusta, Failure to Appear x5.
Sheryl Ann Gleason, 55, Oxford, Driving under influence / Driving while suspended / No vehicle insurance / No vehicle registration.
Helen Learene Evans, 52, Wichita, Failure to Appear.
Elautua Michelle Coleman, 30, Wichita, Failure to Appear x2
Rocky Lee Canaday Jr., 36, Arkansas City, Failure to Appear.
Benjamin Thomas Barbour, 28, Andover, Failure to Appear.
Thursday, Feb 28
Steve Donovan Magoncia, 47, Wichita, Probation Violation x2.
Brandon Russell Long, 36, Wellington, Failure to Appear.
Miles Davis lee, 32, Topeka, Serving Sentence.
Charolette Maxine Jones, 34, Wellington, Possession of Marijuana / Possession of Paraphernalia / Driving while suspended / No vehicle insurance.
Dominic Lee DeMaranville, 22, Wellington, Serving Sentence.
Christopher Reshard Dalton, 37, Tulsa, Okla., Probation Violation.
Susan Gail Brunsell, 41, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Friday, Mar 1
Dallas Claude Williams, 37, Wichita, Serving Sentence.
Jason Dean Tackett, 44, Mulvane, Serving Sentence.
Natashia Nicole Sutton, 34, Wichita, Serving Sentence.
Lisa Annette Louvier, 51, West Point, Tex., Driving under influence / Transporting open container.
Shawn Allen Janney, 41, Wellington, Probation Violation x2.
Bradlee James Ingram, 33, Belle Plaine, Probation Violation x2.
Lurae Montein Horse, 56, Blackwell, Okla., Failure to Appear.
Chelsea Elyse Grimes, 28, Wichita, Serving Sentence.
Teresa Pearl Fultz, 54, Mulvane, Serving Sentence.
Seth William Decker, 41, Mulvane, Driving under influence / Transporting open container / Driving while suspended / No vehicle insurance.
Rodolfo Castillo-Herrera, 18, Wichita, Operate motor vehicle without valid license.
Erik Castillo-Herrera, 19, Wichita, Possession of Marijuana / Possession of Paraphernalia.
Judith Elaine Bennehoof, 53, Wellington, Serving Sentence.
Audrey Donnell Bedell, 38, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Saturday, Mar 2
Frank James Williams Jr., 42, Wichita, Driving while suspended.
Michael Allen Terrel, 48, Haysville, Domestic Battery / Criminal Damage to Property.
Daniel Lewis Templeton Jr., 35, Haysville, Serving Sentence.
Jarrod Michael Andra, 35, Milan, Warrant Arrest by LEO.
Sunday, Mar 3
Michael Jordan Terry, 24, Wellington, Criminal Damage to Property.
April Dawn Tallman, 40, Oxford, Aggravated Battery.
Heidi Lynn Jackson, 32, Wichita, Serving Sentence.
Michael Lester Belair, 40, Arkansas City, Theft / Interference with LEO / DWS / Burglary / Criminal Damage to Property // Warrant Arrest by LEO x8.