In the March Wellington EMS/Fire newsletter, it tells of how "On March 2nd at 7:48 PM Wellington Fire/EMS responded to a natural gas leak at 1804 North A. When crews arrived Captain John Faust took command of the incident and started investigating the scene. While conducting the investigation a leak could be heard about 100 feet away, Crews donned protective equipment and assessed the leak, which was a 1 1/2” pipe leaking that could not be plugged. Contact was made with the police department on scene and they were asked to help with evacuation, and block off streets surrounding the leak. A 1 3/4” hose line was deployed in the event of a fire. The leak was a high pressure residential main that could not be turned off by the local gas representative so a crew from Arkansas City was requested that had a 45 minute response time. Crews monitored the natural gas levels surrounding the leak throughout the time on scene and maintained the evacuation area. Once Kansas One Gas crews arrived from Arkansas City staff stood by with a charged hose line until the leak was stopped. The natural gas line was struck by a vehicle and a potentially dangerous situation was mitigated successfully."