Lisa Thompson, the co-owner of Salty Creek Decor, 301 N Washington, keeps very busy.  When we got in touch with her Sunday afternoon, she was painting something to put in her booth for Ladies Night.  The business is one she co-owns with her other half, Brent Washburn.  The business hours are 8 to 5 Monday-Friday, with Saturdays 9 to 2.
She said the idea and inspiration for Salty Creek Decor came from the fact she “just loves to put things together,  you know decorating, creating things other people see as ready to be tossed out.”
Ever since “Fall Fest came along, and now that I am the other half of Vince Erwin Glass, it kind of just made sense,” to do this kind of business.  The Salty Creek Decor is brand new and is the combo to Vince Erwin Glass. It's two for one.  Brent's part is Home Improvement Plus, & Salty Creek puts the finishing touch on things! We're a pretty great team.”
Lisa has lived in Wellington for most of her life, saying, “I was born in Winfield, and my parents moved here when I was 6.  My parents are Charles"Mac" & Betty McMillan. Mom is well known for her homemade apple pies & is loved by everyone she meets.”
When asked what her favorite things to work on and put together were, she said, “Pretty much everything.  I’d like Salty Creek  to offer things we create,  new items, but I don't really have a limit on what we'll bring into our store.  Possibly some furniture,  on a small scale.
Salty Creek changes all the time.  We want to share the good deals we find, or  re-purposed antiques, unusual lighting, cute benches,  tables...I am just usually looking for things I love. I always say,’oh man I really loved that,' when something sells. Its kind of a joke here. I love it all, and just like sharing it.”