Due to market changes and increased processing costs for most recyclable materials, beginning April 1, 2019 the City of Wellington will only accept cardboard, office paper and plastics #1 & #2 as part of its recycling program. Please have cardboard, paper and plastic separated before arrival at the recycling center as we will handle each material differently. We were recently advised processing costs will be $120 per ton and additionally that plastic bags and plastics #3-#7 are being thrown away after we turn them over to the processor. These factors are out of our control, although we are looking for other alternatives and will make changes in the future when we can. We understand this may take a couple of weeks for citizens and businesses to adjust to. We will continue to accept all materials until March 30, 2019, but only accept the materials listed above after that date. We encourage everyone to begin removing the items listed below from their recycling as soon as possible. Materials that will no longer be accepted: ● Newspaper ● Glass ● Plastics #3-#7 ● Magazines/Books ● Plastic Bags ● Styrofoam ● Tin Cans ● Aluminum Cans* *We ask the public to consider recycling aluminum cans in the open top trailer behind the recycling center for the local youth swim team fundraiser. Please contact Nathan Nuss at 620-326-5951 or Jeremy Jones at 620-326-7831 for assistance or questions about this transition. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.