Two Crusader seniors recognized Tuesday evening talk of their future plans after graduating in May

Tuesday evening, the 2019 Golden Women of Wellington Awards Banquet was held at the First Christian Church Fellowship Hall.  
The 2019 Golden Women of Wellington award winners were: Delaney Parkey- Up & Coming Female; Melanie Smith - Most Inspirational; Betty Zeka - Volunteer of the Year; and Michelle Crittenden - Professional Business Woman
Here is a list of all the nominees the winners are bolded.
Professional Business Woman of the Year
Stacey May
Pam Hinman
Lauren Reyes
Judi Fink
Lori Robinson
Michelle Crittenden-winner
Anne Zeka
Jan Grace
Tanya Chancellor
Brenda Eagle
Ann Shinliver
Annarose White
Michelle Rausch

Volunteer of the Year
Betty Zeka - Winner
Michelle Wellington
Theresa Snider
Joslyn Heersche
Linda Metzen
Susan Musson

Inspirational Woman of the Year
Ruth Mock
Melanie Smith - winner
Jane Cole
Shelley Hansel
Michelle Wellington
Erma Barnes
Terri Campbell
Jourdan Crouch
Chelsea McNeil

Up & Coming Female of the Year
Elise LeGrand
Delaney Parkey - Winner
Adrienne Norris
Brooke McCorkle
Mallory Barker
Abigayle Hibbs
Taima Graves 
Delaney commented after the banquet that, “I am very honored to be chosen as Upcoming Female of the Year. I love being involved and volunteering, and this recognition is nice, but I would do it over and over again without anything. I truly love being involved In our wonderful community. I am very grateful for the recognition, but volunteer to give back for all that has been given to me over the years.”
Still, Delaney said, “I am very excited to go to Bethel next year to continue my education but going to miss seeing my friends everyday.”
Delaney is playing softball, with her final season starting this week.  “I am excited! We are a younger team but I think we will be able to do great things!”
Shortly after the awards banquet was over, Brooke also spoke to us about her future, with graduation coming up in less than two months.  “I haven’t really thought that much about graduation right now because I’ve really been focusing on both softball and track, hoping to end on a high note in both with it being my senior season.  Thinking about graduation, there is some different emotions.   I’m excited because I will be able to start the new chapter of my life, but it’s also sad thinking about how I will be leaving my friends and family behind, and also leaving Wellington because this community has supported me so much, and I could not be more thankful for that!”
She said she will miss Wellington, knowing that, “close small town atmosphere, knowing everybody when you go to the store, and the continuous love and support that the community has given me.”
Brooke has also started her final season for the Crusaders this week, saying, “I love them both and how they give me the opportunity to compete.  I’ve been playing softball since I was a little girl and doing track since middle school and I love how I get the opportunity to do both as a lady crusader and be part of such great teams!”

We congratulate all of the women honored Tuesday evening.