Facing Collin College tennis teams that are just behind them in the national rankings, the Cowley College men and women's tennis teams dominated matches against the Cougars Thursday in Plano, Texas. The Tiger tennis teams then returned home Sunday to face nationally ranked region foe Seward County, which is ranked third on the men's side and seventh in the women's poll.

The eighth-ranked Lady Tigers did not drop a set in a 9-0 win over the No. 12-ranked Lady Cougars. While, the No. 7-ranked Cowley men won all six singles matches and two of three doubles matches in an 8-1 victory over 10th-ranked Collin College.

"Both our men and women's teams played a very solid match," Cowley head coach Manuel Raga said. "I was very pleased to watch them play that good and show great attitude on the court."

Against Seward, the Tiger men lost 7-2 while the Lady Tigers lost 6-3.

The Cowley men had match point in all three doubles matches before losing.

"It was a really close and exciting match to watch," Raga said. "Seward has a very good team so I am happy with the guys, they fought until the last point and we will play Seward two more times this season therefore we have two more chances to do it all over again and hopefully come out with the victory."

Cowley's two wins on Sunday came from Bruno Hidaka Suiama at No. 2 singles and Moises Goncalves at No. 6 singles.

"Bruno is showing a lot of improvement and knows how to handle tough matches and important situations," Raga said. "Moises was able to dominate his match against a very tough opponent and is also playing really well and showing a lot of improvement."

The Lady Tigers got singles wins from Margot Fontaine and Coraline Lamer, while the No. 2 doubles team of Mariana Rodriguez and Aletta Macheliwere also victorious in the 6-3 loss.

"The girls fought extremely hard for every point," Raga said. "We will continue to work in our doubles strategy and get better for next time. We will play them again on April 5th at Seward so I am excited to play to see how that one goes."

Cowley will play its second straight home match when they host New Mexico Military Institute Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Arkansas City High School tennis courts.

"I am excited to continue to see what our teams will be like this year because we have a lot of sophomores stepping up with their experience under them from their season last year," Raga said.  

Results vs. Collin College:


*No. 1 - Angelo Yasuro Ito Tost & Bruno Hidaka Suiama (CC) defeated A. Venkutachalam & H. Flores (Collin) 8-1.
*No. 2 - Killian Dagneaux & Nicholas Mougaillard (CC) defeated J. Edwards & K. De Hart (Collin) 8-3.
*No. 3 - Casey Edwards & Valter Kenji Imura Oshiro (CC) lost to K. Webb & C. Royal (Collin) 9-8(7-4).

*No. 1 - Suiama (CC) defeated A. Venkutachalam (Collin) 6-4,7-5.
*No. 2 - Tost (CC) defeated C. Royal (Collin) 3-6,6-3,(10-5). 
*No. 3 - Mougaillard (CC) defeated J. Edwards (Collin) 6-3,6-3.
*No. 4 - Oshiro (CC) defeated H. Flores (Collin) 6-0,6-4.
*No. 5 - Dagneaux (CC) defeated J. Garrido (Collin) 6-3,6-4.
*No. 6 – Moises Goncalves (CC) defeated K. Webb (Collin) 3-6,6-2, (10-1).


*No. 1 - Takalani Molaoa & Georgina Kaindoah (Collin) defeated S. Dobrowlski & N. Maldonado (Collin) 8-1.
*No. 2 - Aletta Macheli & Mariana Rodriguez (CC) defeated S. Albro & A. Farris (Collin) 8-3.
*No. 3 - Margot Fontaine & Coraline Lamer (CC) defeated M. Turner & S. Turner (Collin) 6-0(40-0) retired.

*No. 1 - Molaoa (CC) defeated S. Dobrowlski (Collin) 6-1,6-1.
*No. 2 - Macheli (CC) defeated M. Turner (Collin) 6-2,6-3.
*No. 3 - Kaindoah (CC) defeated N. Maldonado (Collin) 6-3,6-1.
*No. 4 - Fontaine (CC) defeated S. Albro (Collin) 6-0,6-0.
*No. 5 - Lamer (CC) defeated T. Chapman (Collin) 6-1,6-0.
*No. 6 – Brittany Berryman (CC) defeated R. Clark (Collin) 6-1,7-5.

Results vs. Seward

*No. 1 - Angelo Tost & Bruno Suiama (CC) lost to G. Nery & S. Jans (SC) 9-8(6).
*No. 2 - Killian Dagneaux & Nicolas Mougaillard (CC) lost to F. Vargas & C. Izurieta (SC) 9-8(6).
*No. 3 - Valter Oshiro & Casey Edwards (CC) lost to N. Rousset & N. Motlojoa (SC) 9-8(7).

*No. 1 - A. Tost (CC) lost to N. Rousset (SC) 6-4,6-2.
*No. 2 - B. Suiama (CC) defeated G. Nery (SC) 6-4,6-2.
*No. 3 - N. Mougaillard (CC) lost to F. Vargas (SC) 6-3,6-3.
*No. 4 - V. Oshiro (CC) lost to S. Jans (SC) 4-6,7-6,10-4
*No. 5 - K. Dagneaux (CC) lost to C. Izurieta (SC) 7-5,6-4.
*No. 6 - M. Goncalves (CC) defeated F. Soulerot (SC) 6-2,6-1.


*No. 1 - Takalani Molaoa & Georgina Kaindoah (CC) lost to P. Panta & M. Aveiga (SC) 8-5.
*No. 2 - Mariana Rodriguez & Aletta Macheli (CC) defeated A. Macharova & S. Belluco (SC) 8-3.
*No. 3 - Margot Fontaine & Coraline Lamer (CC) lost to A. Handrugan & E. Lin (SC) 8-6.

*No. 1 - T. Molaoa (CC) lost to P. Panta (SC) 6-3,6-4.
*No. 2 - A. Molnar (CC) lost to M. Aveiga (SC) 6-4,6-1.
*No. 3 - A. Macheli (CC) lost to A. Macharova (SC) 6-2,6-0.
*No. 4 - G. Kaindoah (CC) lost to S. Belluco (SC) 6-3,7-6(4)
*No. 5 - M. Fontaine (CC) defeated A. Handrugan (SC) 6-2,6-3.
*No. 6 - C. Lamer (CC) defeated E. Lin (SC) 6-3,6-1.