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Our Duty follows the shenanigans of Polly and Aggie, student nurses during WWII, as they
struggle to graduate. Aggie joins the Army Air Corps where she qualifies to be flight nurse.
Through her letters the reader learns of the difficulties faced by the under-recognized group of
brave women, including their initial lack of respect by the military brass. In addition to tending
wounded her life is intertwined with airmen who faced unimaginable dangers in the skies over
Europe that will change them forever.
Polly stayed behind to help on the home front and entertains Aggie and boosts the morale of
any who are privy to her letters describing romantic adventures and escapades. By the end of
the historical novel, several seemingly unrelated characters are brought together as they return
home and try to adjust to everyday life.
The book is based on real events in the lives of important people in the author’s life, including
her mother, one of her best friends, uncles and others who have been special blessings in her
life. One chapter focuses on Wellington and the generosity of citizens to feed soldiers on the
WWII troop trains which passed through town.
About the Author: Gerri Hilger has been a lifelong resident of Kansas where she was raised on
a farm with lots of chores. She loved to sneak away to the barn loft to write terrible poetry and
awful stories while dreaming about traveling the world. After more than 35 years teaching
thousands of high school students, Gerri now enjoys retirement, writing and traveling with her
husband, to visit their children and 15 grandchildren in four different states. Several of her
grandchildren still live in Wellington, including some of the Stallbaumer’s and Vince Wetta, son
of Pauline and brother of the author Gerri Wetta Hilger.