Monday, March 25
Tori D. Bagby, 24, Oxford, Probation Violation.
Nichole M. McCoy, 43, Dallas, Tex, Driving While Suspended/ No registration/ No insurance.
Tuesday, March 26
Kelly L. Lee, 36, Wichita, Failure To Appear.
Christopher E. Marsh, 48, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Jordan Miller, 26, Udall, Probation Violation.
Wednesday, March 27
Joshua Aaron White, 39, Wichita,  Failure to appear X2.
Cody Lee Newman, 19, Argonia, Failure to appear/Failure to appear.
Brandon Russell Long, 36, Wellington, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.
Jennifer Jane Dokken, 49, Wichita, Failure to appear.
Thursday, March 28
Joshua James Kercher, 32, Overland Park, Probation Violation.
Jonathan Lee Greenwood, 41, Arkansas City, Probation Violation.
Justin Robert Goans, 26, Wellington, Failure to appear.
Joseph Wayne Fann, 34, Winfield,  Burglary; /Interference with LEO;/Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body.
Zane Jordan-Douglas Deffenbaugh, 25, Wellington, Failure to appear: x 4/Aggravated escape from custody; While being held for a felony.
Skyler Cholae Crittenden, 20, Wichita, Probation Violation(3 day Quick Dip).
Melody Marie Brown, 43, Wichita, Failure to appear.
Luke Michael Baker, 19, Wellington, Probation Violation (Arrest & Detain).
Michael David King-Smithey, 25, Wellington, Failure to appear.
Friday, March 29
Carl Gene Karlstrom II, 27, Wichita, Probation Violation (Arrest and Detain).
Aaron Paul Froman, 36, Wellington, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.
Sean Michael Englert, 27, Wichita,  Probation Violation(3 Day Quick Dip).
Justin Frank Eagle, 41, Wellington, Serving Sentence(1 Day).
Skylar James Christy, 20, Wichita, Probation Violation:(3 Day Quick Dip).
Tony Wilds Thurber, 19, Wellington, Possession of marijuana.
Saturday, March 30
Mark David Wilson, 43, Wichita, Driving under the influence of drugs/alc; 1st conv.
Patrick Steven Weixelman, 56, Wichita, Serving Sentence (48 Hours).
Daniel Lewis Templeton Jr., 35, Haysville, Serving Sentence (24 Hours).
Jeffrey Scott Pool, 48, Tulsa, OK, Theft by threat; Value $1500 to $25000/Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked/Transporting an open container.
Michael Ray Miller, 59, Burden, Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
Loy Aldon Dorsey III, 38, Haysville, Criminal trespass.
Sunday, March 31
Heidi Lynn Jackson, 32, Wichita, Serving Sentence.
Timothy John Holzman, 60, Haysville, D.U.I.
Rebecca Nicole Carter, 45, Summit, MS, Theft  / D.W.S.