Beginning April 1, 2019, only cardboard, office paper and
plastic #1 and plastic #2 will be accepted. Other materials
including plastics #3 through #7 will not be accepted as
there is currently little to no market in this region and
some materials are being landfilled by material recovery
facilities. Please refer to the side chart for details about
each type of plastic.
The terms “plastic #1" and "plastic #2" refer to a plastic
container's resin identification code. Put simply, this code
refers to what type of polymer comprises a container (and
not all plastics are the same).
Consumers can quickly identify which type of plastic a
container is made from by checking for the recycling
symbol ( ) on the container, usually on the bottom or
on a side label. Inside the symbol will be a number, 1-7,
which is the resin code.