For around a month, patrons of Wellington Public Library have been halted by "no crossing" tape, preventing them from going downstairs -- a result of the recent flooding. No books were damaged downstairs in the children's section of the library, but water did come 

in as result of sump pump failure. It soaked the floor, but did not get too high, Tom Kohmetscher, president of the library board of directors said.

Work is under way now, replacing sheetrock, carpeting and flooring, Kohmetscher said.

"We were really fortunate that library staff and volunteers got everything cleared out of the community room anc children's library," he said. "Because we were able to act so quickly on it, that's made it go so smoothly. They salvaged most all of the books."

Kohmetscher also had praise for local contractors, Chew Plumbing, Jeff Blumhardt and Eagle Construction.

The cost estimate of the damage, Kohmetscher said he cannot guess at yet.

"It's going to be a lot," he said. "Restoration is really expensive especially given the age of our old building."

While the library has had to dip into its reserve fund to pay for damage repair, it is also accepting donations in the forms of checks and money orders mailed or delivered to the library. There is also a link to a PayPal account on the library's website, from which people can give donations.

"At this point we hope to get everything up and running around the first of July," Kohmetscher said. "In the big picture, we were really lucky."