The National Depression Glass Museum will be moving to a new location in Wellington - 107 N. Washington in what used to be the old Barbara John gift shop.

  The NDGM was in ruins after the front facade collapse late at night on July 26 at its old location at 117 S. Washington.

  Volunteers have been going into the old store, packing and taking boxes to the new location, but Pam Meyer, president of the NDGM, said the job of getting everything moved will take a while. They usually use the back door, only coming from the front when it is necessary.

  “I would love to see it open by Fall Fest but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Meyer said.

  Meyer said she is most concerned with getting everything out of the old building before the ceiling collapses.

  She is adamant about wanting to keep the facility, which has been in the city for about seven years, in Wellington.

  “Wellington already has two other top notch museums,” she said. “Every year, it’s incredible, the number of visitors we get and it’s important to continue that. It’s amazing.”

  Currently, there are about five volunteers. Anyone else wanting to volunteer to move glass to the new facility can contact Meyer at (972) 814-6651.

   “We appreciate the concern of the citizens in the community,” she said.