It was a short Wellington City Council meeting, Oct. 1. There were no public hearings, ordinances, resolutions or study items.

 City Manager Shane Shields talked about looking at what other nearby cities such as Winfield, Arkansas City, Haysville, El Dorado and Augusta have done in the way of city flags. Some cities have held design contests, but never officially adopted a city flag. 

 Talk of a city flag stems from the Sept. 17 City Council meeting when Cowley College student Chandra Pourner produced a city flag design she had made for a class. At the Oct. 1 meeting, council members talked about approaching the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce about hosting a design contest and having residents vote on a city flag.

“It should be up to the citizens of the community what the city flag should be,” council member Kevin Dodds said. “It shows an element of community spirit.”

The city would have the final say through a resolution if it were to adopt a flag.

Mayor Shelley Hansel said she would talk to the city of Wichita about what it has done in branding its city flag and encouraged council members to visit with the chamber.

In the audience participation portion of the meeting, Cletas Rains, CEO of Sumner-Cowley Electric Cooperative, Inc., proposed that the company apply for and enter a franchise agreement with the city of Wellington pertaining to electric utilities within the recently annexed areas that are currently identified as service territory of the Cooperative.

Rains said the franchise proposal is essentially the same agreement he has previously proposed to the council, but with a change in the franchise fee to 3.5 percent of the revenue. The change was made after reviewing fees paid by other entities and discovering they included pole attachment fees as well as the franchise.

“We would not require pole attachments on the City’s electric poles and therefore believe the fee should be lower,” Rains wrote in a letter he submitted to the mayor and council. “In addition, any electric plant we have, or would be built within the annexed areas, would be taxed at 33% assessed value as determined by the State of Kansas and paid to benefit the City of Wellington.”

In other business:

The council approved a street closing request for The Dore, Cornhole Tournament from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nov. 3 at Washington North and Southbound from 7th Street to Harvey.

Mark Green was appointed to the Memorial Auditorium Board.

John Murray was appointed to the City Planning Commission.