The Wellington Crusaders suffered their worst defeat yet this season, going scoreless in their homecoming game. The Rose Hill Rockets defeated them 35-0.

 Trouble started early in the game for Wellington when Rose Hill recovered a fumble from the Crusaders on the fourth down of their opening drive. The Rockets scored a touchdown on their first drive with 9:02 on the clock.

Another fumble led to Rose Hill recovering the ball and scoring again on the drive to make it 14-0. The Crusaders were unable to hold the Rockets to a two touchdown lead and went into halftime down 21-0, the result of a Rocket touchdown at the three with 1:36 left on the clock.

 Rose Hill started off the second half with a touchdown with 11:34 on the clock when Rose Hill wide receiver Koby Campbell ran for 54 yards. Then Rose Hill quarterback Bryson Evans threw a 68-yard pass to receiver Trent Barnhart. Evans scored from the three, making the score 35-0 before the end of the third quarter.

 The loss puts Wellington at 0-5.

 “It’s not a nice feeling,” Coach Zane Aguilar said. “The big thing is we continue to make mistakes, a lot of mistakes on both sides of the ball. It’s the same story.”

 Wellington has an away game Friday, Oct. 11 at Labette County.